About me

Since I was a child, I was looking through photo albums, my favorite pictures to keep inside boxes, as a treasure so that I would have access only in the future.


Two decades later, here I am: a journalist in love with photography. Whenever possible, I open my memory box to relive each step that has passed. My first dance at school, my 15th birthday party, my graduation, my wedding day, the birth of my daughter. These are moments when I can relive my dreams by looking at a photo, a simple image.


I wanted to share this treasure with my daughter, so she had her own box of memories when she grew up. In the course of this process, I discovered that I did not want to share this heritage only with her, but with my family, friends, with you.


Therefore, I searched for courses, workshops, books, inspirations that brought me here.


My objective? That you have your own box of memories and smile as you relive the special moments of your life through my lens.


Joyce Castro Photography

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